Take the stress out of your recital with DSP!

  • Plan your show
  • Organize costumes
  • Sell tickets
  • And much more

Plan Your Show

  • Define acts and act managers

  • Assign classes and individual performers to acts
  • Define stage managers
  • Define costume and music by acts
  • Get visual stage flows for starting positions, on-deck, and off-loading of acts
  • Be notified of act conflict and quick changes
  • Create detailed guide that can be printed and shared with all staff and volunteers working the show

Organize Costumes

  • Assign and track costumes for each act
  • Track measurements and sizes for costumes
  • Share costume details with families
  • Have Robo-Sizer make recommendations on costume sizes for popular costume vendors
  • Track ordering and dissemination of costumes
  • Print labels for costumes

Online Ticket Sales

  • Sell tickets online from your custom branded portal
  • Accept credit card payments in real-time
  • Access real-time sales statistics
  • Limit the number of tickets each parent can buy
  • Offer unlimited ticket purchases
  • Consumers can print their own tickets
  • Scan tickets at venue
  • Sell ad space on your printable tickets
Sell tickets via your custom-branded portal, access real-time ticket sales statistics, and more with our dance studio ticketing system.

Process Payments with DanceStudio-Pro

  • Everything you need to get paid – all in one place.
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Fully integrated and managed by DSP
  • ACH*
  • Optional wireless terminals*
  • Competitive pricing
  • Streamlined payments and refunds
  • Powered by Stripe- a leader in electronic payments

*Available in the US and other select countries

Easily process payments using our dance studio billing software and payment processing tools.

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