Premier Dance Studio Software for Australian Studios

Our dance studio software was designed to help Australian studios manage their operations with ease.

DanceStudio-Pro’s dance studio software is designed to meet all of your needs—from seamlessly managing incoming payments to communicating with your dance families day in and day out. Explore the cutting-edge features that have helped more than 5,000 studios launch, manage, and scale their businesses.

Tuition and Payments

Track payments, process tuitions, and boost your revenue totals with our state of the art studio billing software. Available in Australia and New Zealand, DanceStudio-Pro Merchant Services comes with the following high-level capabilities to secure more funding: 

  • Supports BECS for direct debiting your customers with Auto-Pay
  • Accepts all major credit cards and integrates with Stripe for secure transactions
  • Simplifies adding Goods and Services Tax (GST) to your tuition rates and fees 
  • Offers an integrated Point of Sale System to sell costumes and products online
  • Automates reports to give you a 360-degree view of your studio’s financial state 
See how DanceStudio-Pro’s software can transform your Australian dance studio’s revenue strategy.

Collect Dance Tuition and Payments

  • Accept credit cards, direct deposit, eCheck, and ACH* all inside DanceStudio-Pro
  • Use Auto-Pay on-demand
  • Charge for balance or the tuition amount
  • Charge only selected accounts
  • Use integrated terminal for in-person transactions
  • Collect non-tuition fees (for costumes, recitals, and other incidentals)
  • Reattempt failed transactions as often as you like
  • Create dance cards and punch cards

*Available in the US and other select countries

With our dance studio software designed for Australian studios, you can streamline class registration.

Class Scheduler

With DanceStudio-Pro’s class management software, your studio can: 

  • Offer online registrations for dance families, where they can easily select the term and class they intend to enrol their students for 
  • Leverage our mobile Class Manager app to take attendance and access lesson plans during class
  • View personalised accounts for each student, including payments and charges, communication history, and records of all classes taken
  • Share waivers that can be electronically signed and submitted ahead of class

Concert Planning

Plan concerts with ease and maximise attendance from guests all over Australia with our concert management features: 

  • Seamlessly create acts and assign classes and individual students to your different performances
  • Generate a detailed concert playbook with visual stage flows that can be printed and shared with staff and volunteers 
  • Organise costume details for each act, sell them to dance families using our Point of Sale System, and track ordering and distribution of costumes
  • Sell tickets online from your branded portal and set custom limits
See how DanceStudio-Pro’s software can transform your Australian dance studio’s revenue strategy.
With DanceStudio-Pro’s software, your Australian dance studio can effortlessly manage students and their dance families.

Dance Family and Student Management

Managing your clients shouldn’t be difficult. Create detailed student accounts and empower parents and guardians to manage their students’ information through the following intuitive capabilities: 

  • Provide a high level of transparency and self-service with the mobile-friendly Parent Portal, where parents and guardians can submit payments, view weekly schedules, and more
  • Customise your student tracking database to record and reference dance assignments, medical history, absences, and other relevant data points
  • Automatically create accurate business reports, exports, and lists 



With DanceStudio-Pro’s communication tools, you can keep dance families in the loop at all times and across all platforms, no matter where they are in Australia. Take a look at our top features: 

  • Leverage Robo-Mailer™ and Robo-Texter™ to power off emails and text messages to your dance families
  • Segment your messages by classes or groups to create a personalised, one-on-one communication experience
  • Automate and schedule-send your messages to save your team time
  • Add attachments to your messages, including PDF files, images, and videos
 DanceStudio-Pro’s Australian dance studio software helps businesses easily get in touch with dance families.
Your Australian dance studio can use DanceStudio-Pro’s built in mobile apps to manage your business on the go.


Mobile Apps

Meet your dance families where they are by connecting on mobile using our powerful apps:

  • Studio Manager App: Designed for studio managers, owners, and teachers, this application allows your studio’s team to post student tuitions, sell items using our mobile-friendly Point of Sale system, and leverage Studio Chat* to facilitate two-way communication between your studio and specific parents, groups, teachers, classes, and users. 
  • Portal App: Designed for dance parents, guardians, and adult members, this application lets your clients enrol students in classes, sign up for auto-pay, purchase concert tickets, view student schedules, and more. 
  • Custom App: If you’re in need of a more personalised solution, you can work with our partners at Mobile Inventor to develop custom apps that fully integrate with DanceStudio-Pro for an added fee. 

*Available with Premier only

Elevate Your Business Strategy with DanceStudio-Pro Premier

All of the same great features included with DanceStudio-Pro Essentials, plus...
With our dance studio software for Australian studios, you can personalise which features each staff member can access.

Individualised User Settings

Decide which features each staff member can access.

Leverage our software for dance studios to set up group chats with your Australian dance families.

Studio Chat

Message parents with our DanceStudio-Pro Portal App.

The premier version of our software gives your Australian dance studio access to Zapier integrations.

Zapier Integrations

Zapier users can integrate DSP with other supported software.*

*Please note that you will need to create a Zapier account to utilise the DanceStudio-Pro Premier Zapier Integration. The free plan of Zapier includes five single-step Zaps. As your Zaps become more complex, you may need to upgrade to a paid Zapier plan. Visit for more details


Holistic Software Designed to Accelerate Growth

DanceStudio-Pro’s all-in-one software saves your team time while making it easier to facilitate stronger connections between your studio and dance families. Plus, it's simple to set up and use anywhere in the world, whether you’re working on your business from home or travelling to competitions across Australia with your phone.

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Toodyay Ballet School uses DanceStudio-Pro’s dance studio software for their Australian clients.
Thousands of dance studios have used DanceStudio-Pro’s dance studio software to accelerate growth, whether they’re in Canada, Australia, or the United States.

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