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DanceStudio-Pro’s dance recital ticketing solution is designed to streamline every stage of the ticketing process. From providing a user-friendly online purchasing experience for parents to tracking incoming sales, your dance studio will have everything it needs to make your next ticketed event a showstopping success, including:

  • Complete recital ticketing solution
  • Show planning and stage planning
  • Costume management
  • And much more!

Dance Recital Ticketing Management

Whether you’re expecting tens or hundreds of guests, DanceStudio-Pro’s Ticket-Pro solution makes it simple to maximize efficiency and configure ticketing with these unmatched features:

  • Sell tickets on desktop or through the Portal App, available on mobile for parents
  • Set custom ticket limits and add convenience fees to offload extra costs
  • Provide detailed seating maps and offer tiered pricing for VIP, standard, and economy
  • Sell ad space on your printable tickets to earn sponsorship revenue
  • Track ticket sales in real time to measure progress
  • Empower ushers to scan tickets for entry using a QR app reader
DanceStudio-Pro’s dance recital ticketing solutions make it simple to manage and sell tickets.

Collect Dance Tuition and Payments

  • Accept credit cards, direct deposit, eCheck, and ACH* all inside DanceStudio-Pro
  • Use Auto-Pay on-demand
  • Charge for balance or the tuition amount
  • Charge only selected accounts
  • Use integrated terminal for in-person transactions
  • Collect non-tuition fees (for costumes, recitals, and other incidentals)
  • Reattempt failed transactions as often as you like
  • Create dance cards and punch cards

*Available in the US and other select countries

Leverage DanceStudio-Pro to process payments from your dance recital ticketing.

Payment Processing for Recital Tickets

Reduce your administrative burden and maximize consumer satisfaction with intuitive payment processing tools. DanceStudio-Pro Merchant Services comes with the following high-level features to increase your recital’s ROI from ticket sales:

  • Accepts all major credit cards and ACH payments*
  • Integrates with Stripe, a PCI-compliant payment processing tool, for secure transactions
  • Compiles all past statements to give you a 360-degree look into your finances
  • Posts eligible refunds right to a student’s account to save your team time
  • Offers flexible deposit schedule options based on your preference

*Available in the US and other select countries.

Dance Recital Act Management

With DanceStudio-Pro’s Recital Wizard, you can organize every aspect of your recital—from arranging acts to creating visual stage flows. Leverage these key capabilities to improve the event planning process: 

  • Define acts and assign classes and individual students to your different performances 
  • Generate, print, and share a recital playbook with visual stage flows so your staff and volunteers are aligned
  • Create a Quick Change Warnings report to facilitate costume changes mid-show
  • Assign stage and act managers to ensure everyone knows their roles
  • Develop a grid system for the stage that makes it simple to tape 
Use our dance ticketing solutions to establish your act details.
Leverage DanceStudio-Pro dance recital ticketing tools to organize your costumes.

Costume Organization for Your Dance Recital

Seamlessly manage various outfits and costume changes during your next recital with these features: 

  • Assign and track costumes for each of your acts and/or classes
  • Sell costumes from your integrated online store and process incoming payments
  • Create costume names, assign vendors, add item numbers, and feature product images
  • Add measurements for each of your students by class
  • Leverage Robo-Sizer™ to make recommendations on costume sizes for popular costume vendors
  • Track orders, print labels, and monitor dissemination of costumes


Dance Recital Point of Sale System

With DanceStudio-Pro, you’ll have a fully integrated point of sale (POS) system to facilitate the sale of additional items ahead of your recital, including flower bouquets for performers and merchandise. Leverage your custom branded portal to:

  • Add a variety of sizes and color options for products
  • Offer personalization options as an additional revenue opportunity
  • Review open and processed orders
  • Generate real-time inventory reports and details
  • Allow customers to place orders and post the fee to their account for later payment
  • Provide multiple options to process the order, including cash, check, and credit card
Use our point of sale system to meet your dance recital ticketing needs.
Promote your dance recital ticket sales with DanceStudio-Pro’s communication tools.


Communications to Promote Recital Ticket Sales

DanceStudio-Pro empowers dance studios to keep their upcoming recitals top of mind for dance families with these communication features:

  • Create group chats by act, class, or other specific groups using Studio Chat*, our mobile-friendly messaging tool available on the Portal App
  • Use Robo-Mailer™ and Robo-Texter™ to send off emails and text messages to your dance community
  • Segment your messages by acts to make your messages highly relevant
  • Automate and schedule-send communications to support your marketing plan
  • Add attachments to messages like PDF files, images, and videos

*Available with DanceStudio-Pro Premier and Elite Only


All of the same great features included with DanceStudio-Pro Essentials, plus...
With our dance recital ticketing solutions, you can personalize which features staff members can access.

Individualized User Settings

Decide which features each staff member can access.

Leverage our dance studio recital ticketing tools to set up group chats with your dance families.

Studio Chat

Message parents with our DanceStudio-Pro Portal App.

With DanceStudio-Pro Premier, you gain access to all of our dance recital ticketing tools plus Zapier integrations.

Zapier Integrations

Zapier users can integrate DSP with other supported software.*

*Please note that you will need to create a Zapier account to utilize the DanceStudio-Pro Premier Zapier Integration. The free plan of Zapier includes five single-step Zaps. As your Zaps become more complex, you may need to upgrade to a paid Zapier plan. Visit for more details


Holistic Dance recital ticketing software

DanceStudio-Pro’s state-of-the-art tools check off all the boxes for running a dance studio with ease—equipping your team with streamlined dance recital ticketing, communications tools, secure tuition and payment processing, and much more. You’ll never have to stress about hosting a dance recital again with this fully integrated suite that simplifies planning and maximizes results all year long.

DanceStudio-Pro is an all-in-one platform that covers your dance recital ticketing needs and much more.

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