Can my existing students be imported into DanceStudio-Pro?

Absolutely. We will take care of the import at no charge. Just give us an Excel spreadsheet and we will take care of the rest.

Are there any features disabled during my 30 day free trial?

No. You have full access to the system just like any other paying customer.

Do I have to give you a credit card to start the free trial?


What happens to my data after my free trial expires?

Your data will remain available in the system for 365 days after your trial expires. As soon as you convert to a pro account “Go Pro” you still have access to all of your information.

Is my information private?

Yes. This is your information. It would be a violation of our End User License Agreement. We will not sell or attempt to contact your students or parents.

What electronic payment processing systems do you use to process credit cards and checks?

We have a fully integrated merchant processing system built into DanceStudio-Pro called DanceStudio-Pro Merchant Services. DSP Merchant Services is powered by Stripe and is available in the US and most other countries.

Does your system work for Australian dance studios?

Absolutely! DSP Merchant Services is available in Australia and we also support Ezidebit for direct debiting your customers with Auto-Pay.

Does DanceStudio-Pro support monthly recurring billing for tuition processing?

Yes. Parent can enroll with a credit card or ACH* in the Parent Portal. You will be notified by Text Message and payments will automatically be applied to the student’s records each month.

*ACH available in the US and other select countries

Can I use Robo-Dialer to make international calls?

Yes. You must use the country code with the correct prefix.

Can I email statements from DanceStudio-Pro?

Yes. We also support MailChimp and Constant Contact integrations.

Can DanceStudio-Pro handle my tuition?

DanceStudio-Pro has a robust tuition system with multiple methods for computing tuition by hours, classes, workshops, fixed fees, multi-student discounts and more. So, most likely we’ve got you covered. However, even though we have thousands of studios running our system, every now and them someone comes up with something new. In most cases we can quickly make some changes to accommodate the needs of the studio.

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