Dance Studio App for your Studio

An app for Parents and Students

Let the revolution continue! You already have the world’s best dance studio management software. With features like Robo-Dialer, Robo-Texter, WDSP-TV… how could we possibly make DanceStudio-Pro any better?

With the DanceStudio-Pro custom studio app service, MyApp-Pro you can have your very own personalized app in the Apple Apps Store and Goggle Play Store. This app is specifically designed to make it easier for parents and students to interact with your studio. That means loyalty.

Top 10-ish Features

  1. Secure login with protected data
  2. Fully integrated with your DanceStudio-Pro system
  3. My weekly schedule shows who needs to be where and when
  4. Full financial transaction history review
  5. Secure Mobile payments – Parents can pay on their account right from their phone
  6. Easy Communications – Touch to Call and Send a Message service
  7. Buy Tickets with Ticket-Pro
  8. All active class listings
  9. Teacher Notes and comments
  10. Robo-Push – Send free Apple Push Notifications to everyone that has the app installed.
  11. Share videos in your App
  12. Studio message board
  13. Your handbook in their hands.
  14. Contact data mantenance

Beauty And the Beast

Your app is built with the most advanced technology on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be pretty. We want to showcase your brand while still ensuring that all your information is 100% safe and secure.

My Weekly Schedule

“Does Sydney have Tap on Monday or Tuesday?” “Does it start at 4:30 or 5:30???”

Ask any dance parent and they will tell you. Keeping up with the schedule is the hardest part of the job. If you can make a parent’s life easier, they will love you forever… that might be a stretch, but maybe they will at least be on time for class.

Live Account Transactions

Your app is fully integrated with your DanceStudio-Pro system. As soon as you post a payment or a charge to an account, they can see it in the app. Stop the endless questions.

Show me the money

Now with the App, parents can pay directly from their iPhone. The easier you can make it to pay the better. Take away the excuses. Parents can pay by individual student or pay the total account.

All payment processing is securely processed through tokens, so credit cards never have to be stored. Everyone can have peace of mind when paying with their phone.

Communicate and Share

You already have the world’s best dance studio management communication platform with DanceStudio-Pro. With services like Robo-Dialer, Robo-Mailer and Robo-Texter what else could you possibly ask for. Wouldn’t it be nice if it was just as easy for your parents to communicate with you as it is for you to share with them. With push to call and in-app messages, parents can share quickly and easily you.

Meet Robo-Dialer’s really smart cousin… Robo-Push

It’s just as easy as Robo-Dialer and Robo-Texter. Send messages to everyone with the app. For free.

Ticket-Pro Everywhere!

It’s never been easier to sell tickets to your events. Recitals, Shows, Christmas events… Use Ticket-Pro in DanceStudio-Pro and then they are automatically available within the app.