Communicate with your families all within DSP!

  • Emails
  • Texts
    • Studio Chat (Premier)
    • Zapier Integrations (Premier)
      • And much more


  • Use Robo-Mailer™ to send emails to your families
  • Schedule messages in advance
  • Send attachments
  • Send emails by classes or groups
  • Automate open balance emails to families
  • Automate reminders to teachers on their classes

Text Messages

  • Use Robo-Texter™ to send texts to your families
  • Schedule texts in advance
  • Send texts by classes, groups, or individual
  • Automate tuition reminder texts to families
  • Automate class reminder texts to teachers

Push Notifications with Custom Branded Mobile App

  • For an added fee, create an app for your studio that is fully integrated with DSP 
  • Have families register and pay through your app
  • Create push notifications through the app
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Powered by Mobile Inventor – A leader in the industry

NEW: Studio Chat (Premier)

  • Message individuals, small groups, and large groups
  • No character limit
  • No texting charges
  • No links being blocked by phone carriers

NEW: Zapier Integrations (Premier)

  • Have DSP integrate with all of your favorite softwares
  • Have an event in DSP trigger automations in other softwares
  • Connect with Constant Contact, Keap, Google Sheets, and more
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