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Dance studio software is a powerful tool that enables dance businesses of all shapes and sizes to run more efficiently, better engage their customers, and create an all-around positive experience for everyone involved. 

With DanceStudio-Pro, the world’s best dance studio software, you will set your studio up for continuous success by equipping your team with the tools they need.

DanceStudio-Pro has all the features you would expect from a dance studio software provider—including resources for Student, Class, Teacher, Event, Recital, Costume, and Prospect management.

Our Top Dance Studio Software Features

Apps & Portal

User-friendly portals allow students and parents to locate the information they need (like class times and payment reminders) in seconds. A custom-branded mobile app built for your studio for better engagement is available as well.

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Private Lessons

Allow students to receive more personalized training by offering private lessons and appointments. With our software, you can make sure this option is easy to register for by enacting an automated, online registration system.

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Tuition Payment & Sales

Easily collect tuition, ticket sales, and other fees with our robust online payment system. With our recurring billing functionality, you’ll never have to track down another late payment again.

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Use our Ticket-Pro functionality to easily sell tickets online for dance recitals and other events. You can even set a maximum number of tickets available to each buyer, sell ad space for additional revenue, and have attendees print their own online tickets at home.

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Virtual Classes

With dance studios everywhere turning to virtual classes as a supplement or replacement for more traditional offerings, our partnerships with Zoom and Google Meet make it easier to get started than ever before. Have your students dancing from home in no time!

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Registration & Scheduling

Make appointments, schedule lessons, control cancellations, and send mass messages with ease. Plus, you can empower students and parents to book and pay for lessons online within your fully automated system.

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Benefits of our revolutionary dance studio software

Learn more about how DanceStudio-Pro can help your business run more smoothly.

Better Communication

Streamline customer engagement with our automated phone calls, texts, emails, and push notifications. Choose whether you want to send messages to all students, parents, teachers, or narrow your recipient list down to a particular group or family.

Streamlined Management

Simple to use student, class, teacher, and event management tools allow your staff to spend more time doing what you love—teaching and dancing—and less time handling the overhead side of things.

Powerful Software Support

Our dance studio software is designed to provide an intuitive interface for users so that getting started is as quick and easy as possible. But if you do need help, our dedicated support team is available to provide personalized assistance and other useful resources.

Mobile-Friendly Tools

Manage any aspect of your business from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop—powered by our innovative dance studio software. Then, students and parents can register, pay, and interact with your studio from their own mobile device as well.

Robust Reporting

Track and ensure the growth and success of your dance studio with our powerful Studio Analyzer tools. This innovative set of dashboard components allows you to collect valuable data points and determine the best plan of action.

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Our dance studio software saves you time so you can spend more time teaching

Dance Studio Software FAQ

What tools does a dance studio need?

Any dance studio needs a number of tools and resources to run efficiently—comprehensive dance studio software being #1 on that list. These are the basic tools you’ll need to get started: online registration forms, payment collection and processing capabilities, scheduling and communication functions, and more.

What is dance studio software?

Dance studio software is a unique type of tool that assists dance studio owners, managers, and instructors in running their businesses conveniently and effectively. The right dance studio software can handle basic managerial processes, freeing up a significant amount of staff time to do other, more pressing tasks.

How do I choose a dance studio software provider?

There are a lot of factors that go into any software-buying decision—and dance studio software is no exception. For example, you’ll want to look at features and benefits, support options, available integrations, and, of course, price points. The best software solution for your studio will be the one that offers the biggest bang for your buck and makes the lives of you, your team, and your customers easier than ever before.

What does DanceStudio-Pro offer?

DanceStudio-Pro offers a powerful dance studio management system to equip dance studios of all shapes and sizes with the tools they need for success. For less than $1 a day, our dance studio software can provide your team with innovative payment tools, improved student, teacher, and class management resources, and invaluable data-driven insights for an all-around better studio.

Our Dance Studio Software Testimonials

Here’s what DanceStudio-Pro customers have to say about our powerful software: