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Even though the pandemic makes in-person dance classes difficult, don’t give up. Now, more than ever, we need to keep dancing. DanceStudio-Pro makes it easy to offer virtual dance classes from the safety of your home or studio. Our easy-to-use integration with Zoom and Google Meet makes it simple to keep your students dancing even when they can’t join you in person.

Schedule and Get Sign-upsEasy for ParentsVirtual Private Lessons
Distribute class meeting links and get sign-ups in one place. 
Our portal keeps everything together, saving parents from keeping up with emails, calls, and texts. Parents can easily view virtual classes and recordings.

Set up and schedule virtual lessons and meetings in a snap.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hold a class online?

If you are holding a live class session online, you can use DSP to distribute meeting locations and help parents view them from their portal rather than sending them emails. Your first step is to set up an online meeting using a third-party service like Zoom or Google Meet. Once you have your online meeting link, save it to the meeting of your class in DSP.

How do I use Google Meet with Dance Studio-Pro?

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How do I use Zoom with Dance Studio-Pro?

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How can I schedule a virtual private lesson?

Similar to online classes, you can set up appointments and private lessons that are held using online meeting software like Zoom or Google Meet. One way to set this up is to assign an Online Meeting URL to your services.

How does the parent portal video gallery work?

The video gallery option in the parent portal is meant to show parents the video links you shared for a class along with online class settings. This option is not enabled by default, so you have to turn it on.

How can I add agreement text for online classes?

You can add an online class policy or disclaimer in your online class settings. Parents will then be asked to agree to it before participating in or viewing your online class.