Automatic Recurring Dance Tuition

Getting paid has never been so easy!

autopayWe’ve made it super easy to bill your customers’ credit cards and bank accounts on a monthly basis for their dance tuition. All you have to do is setup your merchant account and 2 minutes later your parents and students can enter their credit card in the Parent’s portal and Boom! Automatic payments every month… Or whenever you want it to happen.



With DanceStudio-Pro Auto-Pay, you can process both Credit Cards and ACH echeck transactions for tuition and account balances.

DanceStudio-Pro has the most flexible Tuition Auto-Pay in the Industry

  • Run Auto-Pay whenever you want. It’s completely on-demand
  • Charge for balance or the tuition amount
  • Charge only selected accounts
  • Collect fees and other amounts not related to tuition (Costume and recital fees)
  • Credit Card, eCheck, ACH all in one place.
  • Reattempt failed transactions as often as you like.

Top 5 Reasons you need to use Dance Tuition Auto-Pay:

  1. Save Time: Stop wasting time sending out invoices and statements month after month. It’s all on the Parent Portal. 
  2. Build Loyalty: Make it easy for customer to pay you with a credit card. Also give your parents one less thing to worry about each month.
  3. Improve Cash Flow: Let DanceStudio-Pro help you gain a predictable cash revenue stream each month.
  4. Save Money: Cut down or completely eliminate the costs of processing invoices.
  5. Reduce Late Payments: Your bills are still due even if your customers don’t pay. Let Auto-Pay help you reduce the number of late payments each month.

Getting started is easy. Just follow our step-by-step setup guide and you will be getting paid while you sleep in no time.