Buy Choreography For Your Music

Sometimes you want to be in control of every aspect of a performance. Sometimes… not so much. Perhaps you’ve noticed that there is virtually nowhere on the web to hire quality choreographers. We noticed it too. That’s why we created The Choreography Store from the ground up to be able to provide DanceStudio-Pro clients access to a huge marketplace of talented choreographers. It’s never been so simple to get your dance created.

How it works

  1. Login to DanceStudio-Pro
  2. Go to The Choreography Store
  3. Post a job and upload your music (It’s FREE)
  4. Interview and Hire a Choreographer
  5. Receive your Choreography.

That’s it. It’s fast, easy and secure.

What you get

Your choreography will be electronically delivered in the form of a YouTube video or clips and detailed notes.

You’re Protected

All payments are made through the DanceStudio-Pro escrow service. That way, you don’t pay unless your choreography is delivered. Our choreographers are held to a high standard. No generic clips, no poorly written steps without 8-counts and especially no generic choreography that is not to your music.


When posting a job, you must specify if you want Exclusive or Non-Exclusive rights to the choreography. Exclusive means that you completely own the choreography and the choreographer can never sell or use the choreography ever again. Non-Exclusive rights gives the choreographer the right to re-sell your choreography over and over again. However, they will never be able to sell that choreography as exclusive because you have a legal license to also perform the act.


Non-Exclusive choreography is a flat price of $350.00 USD. This amount is paid into escrow at the time of hiring a choreographer. The funds will not be released until you approve the job. If you desire exclusive choreography rights, that will add an additional $1,000.00 USD to the job. This assumes an average 2 to 3 minute song.

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