The World’s First Dance Recital Software

Dance Recital Software

There’s nothing more stressful than planning a recital. As one studio owner described it, “It’s like planning 100 little weddings, all on the same day at the same time.” As if that is not enough to get you worried, what about the music, lighting, stage flow, work assignments, communications plan, costume signs, conflicts between acts, who’s got a quick-change between acts…. Wow. Now I’m stressed. Let the dance studio recital wizard help make life a little easier during this awesome, but strategic time in your business.

With the recital wizard, you can:

  • Build Acts
  • Order and Reorder Acts roles
  • Assign Staff to individual acts
  • Assign music to acts
  • Assign Stage Managers to acts
  • Add classes and individuals to acts
  • Create a visual stage flow for each act  (Who’s on stage left who’s waiting back stage…)
  • Assign stage area managers
  • See conflicts between acts
  • Visually see costumes for act assignments
  • Print individual act assignments by stage manager
  • Assign Row and Letter for starting stage positions.
  • And so much more…

The Dance Studio-Pro Recital Wizard© is revolutionary for our industry and it is only the beginning.