Dance Studio Software Event Management

Recitals, Picture Day, Costume Sizing… All in your hand

We all know what a pain it is to keep everyone in sync when if comes to events. Picture day, recitals, the Christmas parade… Just the communications alone can be enough to drive you crazy. Let Dance Studio Pro help you manage the process.

Key Features

Online Ticket Sales

Ever wished selling tickets to your events were easier? Well now it is. As part of the DanceStudio-Pro event management system, you get access to Ticket-Pro. This is a special online ticket sales system that we designed specifically for dance studios. Do it all right from within the DanceStudio-Pro software. Click here to learn more.

Recital Wizard©

The most common event for most dance studios is the recital. Let the DanceStudio-Pro Recital Wizard help take some of the pressure off. Click here to learn more.

Give the world’s best dance studio management software a try.