DanceStudio-Pro – Available Now on Google play

Android users get to enjoy the same dance studio accessories our iPhone and iPad users have been loving

Dance Studio Pro Android Phone

Our web application works great on mobile devices, we already have iOS Apps, so why would did we add an Android App?

  • Because there are a ton of dance studio owners user Android devices. We know because you’ve been asking about an Android app for a while now. Loudly…
  • Just like our iPhone and iPad apps, our Android apps can be streamlined to include those basic functions you do every day. Quickly access your students, teachers and parents – then tap to call, text or email them.
  • Our apps were created with dance studio registration in mind. You can add a student, quickly take a picture using your Android phone or tablet, capture the parents signature on your release form, add them to classes then move on to the next dancer. You can even log in on multiple devices and have all of your staff processing at the same time.


Find the DanceStudio-Pro Android App on Google play today.